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“Humanity is fundamentally a story on migration”

– Laila lalami, condtional citizen: on beloinging in america
1. “A Report to the Legislation on the Spanish Speaking Community.” Bilingual/Multicultural Vocational Technical Education Project, Dakota County Area Vocational Technical Institute, 1975.
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Walking Together

creates a space to share and increase the visibility of student research on Latinx migration topics by amplifying academic and community collaborations that align with St. Thomas’ convictions of dignity, respect, and diversity.


Our project starts with the fastest growing and largest immigrant community in the Twin Cities area: the Latinx community. We hope to be able to add other voices and communities to this project as it evolves.


Our mission is to come together to better understand migration, to celebrate immigrant community contributions and to advocate for anti-bias perspectives on migration, immigration, and displacement.

Our Current Projects

Explore the different projects that range from mapping out current Latinx cultural sites to learning the historical presence of the Latinx migrant in MN. 


This project seeks to collaboratively tell the history and stories of the Latinx community in Minnesota.


This is an interactive map that gathers crowdsourced information on places relevant to the Twin Cities that help visualize the Latinx community.

La Vacuna Somos Todos

This project explores the pandemic in Latin America and the MN Latinx diaspora.

Biblioteca CLUES

An ongoing collection of online resources, readings and materials that students gathered for the Comunidades Latinas Unidas en Servicio (CLUES), to assist the non-profit organization with content creation.

Latinx Demographics

In this project, you’ll find the result of student research gathered in a Migration and Gender course.

Contenido CLUES

A collection of original essays based on student research topics. This content was created to address a request from the organization that will use that content across programs. 

Student Vision:

Migration, Immigration, & Displacement in the News

Rita Moreno has Lin-Manuel Miranda’s back in ‘In the Heights’ colorism controversy

As Biden narrows immigration focus, Dreamers try to stay optimistic

The Backstory: Latino news beyond immigration, ‘it’s impossible to overstate how important this is’

Walking Together Blog


Minnesota: la Interseccionalidad y las Mujeres Latinas

de Emma Steen Latinos son una gran parte de la inmigración a Minnesota y son una de las poblaciones más creciente en el estado. Es importante reconocer la diversidad en Minnesota, pero es igualmente importante reconocer la interseccionalidad. Las mujeres latinas son una comunidad que necesita este tipo de reconocimiento. Su identidad es la interseccionalidad…

Los Latinos en las Escuelas Católicas en Minnesota

Image: Cathedral of Saint Paul, Selby Avenue, Saint Paul, MN de Carter Saluri La población latina está creciendo rápidamente en Minnesota, además de en los Estados Unidos. En Minnesota, en los últimos 20 años ha crecido en 202,000 personas, y al día de hoy hay 345,640 residentes latinos en el estado. Además, un 37% de…

Los Estudiantes Universitarios de Primera Generación

de Ananda Patel Decidir qué hacer después de la escuela secundaria es una gran decisión para todos los estudiantes. Hay tantos caminos posibles, la universidad siendo una de las opciones más populares. Aunque muchas personas están interesadas en asistir a la universidad, aplicar a las universidades y navegar la transición a la universidad puede ser…

Si Se Pudo: Licencias de Conducir para Todos en Minnesota

de Anthony Odens En este ensayo corto quiero compartir lo que he aprendido sobre un tema interesante para mi, y muy relevante para la comunidad latinx en Minnesota. Ese es el movimiento “Driver’s Licenses for All” en Minnesota, un proyecto de ley que  recientemente ha sido firmado por el gobernador Walz y se convertirá en ley …


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Who We Are

We are an interdisciplinary team of faculty and student researchers focused on creating visibility and awareness on migration topics. With our diverse backgrounds, we have created Walking Together which is made possible by the University of St. Thomas’ Research in Action grant.

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