Walking Together

A Digital Hub on Migration

“Humanity is fundamentally a story of migration.” ― Laila Lalami, Conditional Citizens: On Belonging in America

Walking Together creates a space to share and increase the visibility of student research on these topics by amplifying academic and community collaborations on migration that align with St. Thomas’ convictions of dignity, respect, and diversity. 

Our project starts with the fastest growing and largest immigrant community in the Twin Cities area: the Latinx community. We hope to be able to add other voices and communities to this project as it evolves.

Our mission is to come together to better understand migration, to celebrate immigrant communities contributions and to advocate for anti-bias perspectives on migration, immigration, and displacement.

This website hosts digital humanities projects that seek to bring insight on immigrant communities in Minnesota. You can read entries about faith, education and living as a latinx person in the Twin Cities, you can help us visualize the latino community by adding places to a crowdsourced map, or explore local latinx history. We also have a current library of resources that we share with CLUES. We are currently adding materials and your voice and perspective on immigration, migration and displacement are needed. 

This work is possible by the Research in Action initiative supported by the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of St. Thomas.

Current Projects

Current projects include:

  • Historias is a project that seeks to collaboratively tell the history and stories of the Latinx community in Minnesota.
  • Itinerarios/ Itineraries. Visualizing the Latinx Community. This is an interactive map that gather crowdsourced information on places relevant to the Twin Cities and St. Paul Latinx community.
  • Biblioteca CLUES is an ongoing collection of online resources, readings and materials that students gathered for the Comunidades Latinas Unidas en Servicio (CLUES), to assist the non-profit organization with content creation.
  • Contenido CLUES is a collection of original essays based on student research on topics. This content was created to address a request from the organization that will use that content across programs.
  • Latinx Demographics is the result of Migration and Gender student research

Walking Together Blog

Student Vision:

Migration, immigration and displacement in the news

Who We Are

We are an interdisciplinary team of students and faculty committed to increasing civil discourse on the role of migration in the Twin Cities. Our diverse voices join the Research in Action initiative supported by the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of St. Thomas.

Sarah McCann

 I am Sarah McCann (she/her), Clinical Faculty of Theology at the Dougherty Family College at the University of St. Thomas. I am especially interested in how immigrant communities and first and second generation folks live out and represent their cultures. Within that, of particular interest to me is “lived religion” – how individuals and families live out their faith and faith practices outside of churches.

Eva Solomonson

I am Eva Solomonson (she/ her), Clinical Faculty in the School of Social Work. I am the Director of Field Education (aka internships) for undergraduate social work majors. I teach junior and senior social work field seminars.  As a practicing social worker, I have always focused on social work practice with immigrants, particularly refugee mental health.

Dr. Kari Zimmerman

I am Dr. Kari Zimmerman (she/her), professor of Latin American History and Director of the Latin American & Caribbean Studies program. I also teach for the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies program and recently taught a course on Gender and Migration. As a co-director of this project, I am excited our research hub will provide a space for students, faculty, and community partners to share research and resources.

Greta Johnson

Hi everyone! My name is Greta (she/her) and I am a senior at UST majoring in History and International Studies. I am passionate about international relations, politics, and bringing justice to marginalized groups and/or communities. I love reading, going for long walks with a good podcast or music, and traveling as much as I can! As a member of “Walking Together,” I conduct historical research on the impact of Latinx immigration to MN and use my research to build our website, particularly the StoryMaps for Historias.

Dr. Paola Ehrmantraut

I am Dr. Paola Ehrmantraut (she/her), I direct the Women, Gender, and Sexualities Studies program and teach Latin American culture and Spanish. Recently, I taught a class focused on the Latinx community in Minnesota and the US. As a co-director of this project I work with community partners and students to create mutually beneficial partnerships using our research expertise.

Kella Allen

Hi all! My name is Kella (she/her) and I am a recent graduate from St. Thomas. I majored in Spanish with a minor in Justice and Peace studies.The main focus in my education is to encourage change and understanding through storytelling and accurate representation. As a partner in Walking Together, I have done research about immigrant, Latinx, and indigenous communities, relationships, and history in Minnesota.

Kelly Saybe

Hello! My name is Kelly Saybe and my pronouns are she/her/hers. I am currently a senior at the University of St. Thomas studying Public Health, with minors in Sustainability, Women and Gender Studies, and Justice and Peace. I plan to advance my education in environmental health to learn more about intersectional environmentalism as a facet of health and justice. Some of my hobbies include reading, writing, and building keyboards! Being part of Walking Together as a digital research student I use journalism skills to amplify Latinx voices in our community through social media and collaborate with the team to create meaningful conversations.

Sonia Rey-Montejo

My name is Dr. Sonia Rey-Montejo (she/her), I teach Spanish and Latin American courses at the University of St. Thomas. My research interests focus on Hispanic Caribbean literature, Latinx communities in the U.S. and Afro-latinamerican cultures. I am particularly interested in how identities explore intersectionality in cultural spaces such as music, texts and visual arts, to name a few. This project provides a nurturing platform for collaboration and communal interaction around topics on inmmigration in MN.  We hope it becomes a hub that promotes knowledge as well as community connections. Very excited to be part of it!

Freddy Flores D.

Hey everyone! My name is Freddy (he/they) and I’m a sophomore at the DFC program. I’m very passionate about amplifying the voices of the communities who have been historically oppressed and ignored. Along with advocacy work, I’m a plant enthusiast with a growth mindset. With the “Walking Together” team I am a student researcher focused on community outreach and the historical impact of Latinx immigration to MN.


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